Tyler Glockner (SecureTeam10)

Filmmaker and ufologist (1986-Present)

Glockner produces the UFO-focused Youtube channel Secureteam 10, currently at over 1.5 million subscribers. Glockner has consistently misrepresented videos and fabricated outright fakes through his channel. Although, His videos were largely demonetized as a result of Youtube’s revised advertising policies and Glockner has transitioned to Patreon for garnering financial support and means to continue producing content.

Glockner created and impersonated an informant he called “Ken the Astronomer” and clumsily Photoshopped an image of Neptune behind Saturn, claiming it was a new planet entering the solar system. Dazzathecameraman did an excellent breakdown of the audio of Ken’s voice, showing they were the same person. Glockner later backtracked, claiming the audio was a “re-creation” simply meant to compensate for distortion from the original audio.

UFO Theater, a notable Youtube channel run by Dean Guilioits (aka Constantine), has regularly debunked and responded to Glockner’s videos with analyses of many of his clips.