There is no single ‘best case’ in ufology. Some researchers are hesitant to share their own lists of which they consider the best, as they would prefer others avoid cases which receive a high degree of publicity in favor of encouraging them to study original or lesser known cases themselves. The sheer number of cases and time required to investigate each makes for a considerable set of barriers for researchers and the layperson.

We have cataloged over forty best case lists, based on Isaac Koi’s research, from various ufologists and calculated which occurred most frequently. We then weighed these against more recent, notable cases and evaluated them collectively on whether or not they met a set of criteria. These are currently the cases we consider most worth reviewing, based on this criteria:

Case Criteria

  • Multiple, independent, credible witnesses
  • Ground and/or air radar data
  • Lasted a significant duration
  • Thoroughly investigated by multiple researchers
  • Thoroughly challenged by skeptics
  • Some form of government response