Stephen Bassett

Lecturer, activist, and author Bachelor of Science in Physics Born in Vallejo, California, U.S (1946-Present)

Basset’s entry into ufology was working at the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), founded by Dr. John Mack in Cambridge, MA. In July,1996 he left Cambridge to set up a consulting practice, Paradigm Research Group (PRG), in Bethesda, Maryland.

PRG is an exo-politics organization “dedicated to ending the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.” It assists organizations and initiatives working to raise public awareness of the both the extraterrestrial presence and the truth embargo, convene open congressional hearings to take government and agency witness testimony, and incite the media to appropriately cover the related issues.

In 1999, Bassett founded the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PAC), a UFO lobbying group. Presently, he is the only registered lobbyist in the United States representing UFO research and activist organizations and X-PPAC is the first political action committee to target the political implications of UFO phenomena.

In 2013 PRG produced a Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. At that time 42 researchers and witnesses testified over five days before six former members of the U. S. Congress regarding events and evidence confirming and extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Bassett believes extraterrestrials are visiting earth, we have back engineered their technology from the Roswell crash, and is a leading advocate for ending the supposed ‘truth embargo’ regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Bassett’s discretion regarding his support of specific witnesses has garnered him significant criticism. In a 2009 appearance on The Paracast he was asked why he gave platforms to people with questionable beliefs at his events he stated “Credibility is not an issue in the Disclosure process.”