Robert Sheaffer

Bachelor of Science in mathematics Freelance writer, skeptic, author, and investigator Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA (1949-Present)

Sheaffer is a prolific researcher specializing in UFOs and conspiracies. He was a founding member (with Philip J. Klass and James Oberg) of the UFO Subcommittee of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI – formerly CSICOP) in 1977.  He is a regular contributor and columnist for their magazine, The Skeptical Inquirer. He writes the Bad UFO Blog and The Debunker’s Domain and is the author of The UFO Verdict: Examining the Evidence and Bad UFOs.

“I’m an equal-opportunity debunker, refuting whatever nonsense, in my judgment, stands in the greatest need of refuting, no matter from what source it may come, no matter how privileged, esteemed, or sacrosanct. Sacred cows, after all, make the best hamburger.”

Sheaffer feels “sympathetic consideration of UFO sightings” is not only “irrational” but threatens a “new dark age.” Ufology of any sort, even a cautious methodological variety is, in Sheaffer’s estimation, “fundamentally a reaction against science and reason.”