Jean-Herbert Wzgarda (Section 51)

Concept Artist, Visual Effects Artists Born in Sainte-Livrade-sur-Lot, France (1975 - Present)

There are two people behind the “Section 51” YouTube channel, going by the aliases “DOZgeek” (J. H. Wzgarda) and “Black Devil.” Their YouTube page was created in 2014 and has 270K subscribers. They often claim that they are merely posting videos that have been sent in to them. The videos are commonly cited as genuine UFO videos, even being reposted on other channels such as “ThirdPhaseOfMoon” and “SecureTeam10.” Despite clearly stating in several places that they are visual effects artists from France, their videos still gain traction and are considered genuine, even by intelligent people in the UFO community. Doing due diligence, it is clear that the videos they post are to demo their technical ability in visual effects (“CGI”). Passing off these videos as genuine is a tactic to get more YouTube views. They also have an online store selling UFO and space-themed apparel.

Channels UFO Theater, UfoOfInterest, and Captain Disillusion have debunked Section 51 videos.

This YouTube channel has been known to publish hoax videos. The about page for their channel also says “we are French visual effects artists.” Therefore, we cannot confirm the veracity of any videos on the channel.