Dan Sherman

Electronic intelligence analyst and intuitive communicator Retired U.S.A.F. Staff Sergeant (1964-Present)

Sherman served in the US Air Force for twelve years (1982-1994) and began training as an electronic intelligence (ELINT) analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1992. He claims this only served as a “cover” for his primary training as an ‘Intuitive Communicator’. Sherman stated he was taught to telepathically interface with extraterrestrials (ETs) and pass information through a secure computer system to his handlers within the NSA.

When he was subsequently assigned to the NSA, Sherman worked on a specially designed computer where he could perform both his normal ELINT work and also work as an intuitive communicator. During a ten-month period, Sherman received more than 75 messages from a primary ET communicator he dubbed “Bones”. Sherman states this was all part of the US military’s preparation “for a future time in which all electronic communications would be rendered useless” and his communicator stated substantial Earth changes were pending.

Sherman learned the ETs had been visiting various Earth cultures throughout history and had made contributions of learning and scientific technology to certain civilizations. He surmised the ETs had genetically influenced human groups long before the modern era. His ET communicator told him there are a huge number of extraterrestrial cultures throughout the universe and revealed more than one country conducted a similar communications project with them.

After retiring, Sherman went public with a book, Above Black – Project Preserve Destiny: Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Cover-Up, recounting his experiences. His low-key, straightforward presentation has lent him support in a field where stories are often dramatized and embellished. Sherman stated in an interview: “If I were to make up a story, it would be a lot more elaborate than this. I want to stick to what happened to me, and let everyone else conjecture upon that. If I start conjecturing, then it sullies my credibility. I need to stick to the facts.”