Blake & Brent Cousins (ThirdPhaseOfMoon)

Video Production, Editing, Visual Effects Born in Hamakua, Hawaii (1970 - Present)

Brent and Blake Cousins aka ThirdPhaseOfMoon have been active since 2008, creating a series of UFO videos for their YouTube channel “Third Phase of Moon,” which has 798K subscribers. These videos purport to be evidence that extraterrestrial beings are visiting Earth in droves. They claim to only post videos that have been sent in to them, when in fact the majority of these videos are shot near their home in Hawaii. In each video, they present an alleged proof – often using faked or manipulated footage – that supposedly supports their arguments. These hoaxes typically use common filming techniques and props. The provided links are only a small sample of those proving the Cousins twins’ videos to be false. Many people who have studied these claims closely find them to be completely false. They’ve been debunked time and again by respected experts in the field.

Channels UFO Theater, UfoOfInterest, and Astral Citizens have debunked many of these videos.

This YouTube channel has been known to publish hoax videos. Therefore, we cannot confirm the veracity of any videos on the channel.