Billy Meier

Born in Bülach, Switzerland (1937-Present)

Meier claims his extraterrestrial encounters began at the age of five, when he met an elderly “Plejaren” man named “Sfath”. He claims to have had encounters with multiple Plejarens throughout his life, and has shared many photographs, metal samples, sound recordings, and even film footage. Meier later founded a religious movement based on his alleged contacts in the late 1970s called the “Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies” and established the “Semjase Silver Star Center” in Switzerland.

Meiers photographs include alleged Plejaren “beamships”, as he calls them, saying they gave him permission to photograph and film them so he could produce evidence of their extraterrestrial visitations. His other photos include a pterosaur, supposedly taken when Meier was taken back in time by the Plejarens, two Plejaren women, and celestial objects taken from outer space.

Meier has been widely characterized as a fraud by skeptics and ufologists, who suggest he uses models to fabricate his photographs. In 1997, Meier’s ex-wife, Kalliope, told interviewers his beamship photographs were crafted with items such as trash can lids, carpet tacks, and other household objects, and the stories of his adventures with aliens were similarly fictitious. She claimed the photos of the purported Plejaren women “Asket” and “Nera” were really photos of Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund, members of the singing troupe The Golddiggers. It was later confirmed the women were indeed members of The Golddiggers performing on The Dean Martin Show from 1969-1973. His pterosaur photo was simply a photograph of an illustration in a book about dinosaurs.